More than 30 years commited to the development of In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents that you can trust.

Chronolab Systems S.L

Whether you are looking for a top quality In Vitro Diagnostic Reagent, or if you want to join our World Class network of distributors around the globe, Chronolab Systems offers a huge inventory of diagnostic products and a premium customer service that we assure you, will fulfill your needs.

In order to ensure the quality of service to our customers as well as a correct internal functioning, CHRONOLAB SYSTEMS meets all the requirements of the ISO. The company undergoes regular internal and external auditing to ensure the standards are maintained throughout time.

Top Quality and
Customer Service

In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents produced in the highest quality standars and our world class distributor’s network. That’s why Chronolab products have become the prefered choice of some of the best laboratories in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Quality and environment policy

The direction at Chronolab Systems has established the vision, the mission and the values that compose the commitment of the company with its customer’s satisfaction, and the continuous improvement of our products and procedures.

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